Craig Bogden Photography | Harper Park - Peterborough June 2013

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These photos were produced to support the Harper Park Steward Initiative in Peterborough Ontario Canada.

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The Harper Park Stewardship Initiative (HPSI) is a community-driven stream stewardship group whose focus is the protection and restoration of Harper Park's forested uplands, wetlands and the coldwater stream, and its tributaries known as Harper Creek. The group began in the fall of 2011 when a project assigned by a Trent University professor sent a group of enthusiastic students out into the field and into the library. The report generated for this project, and the students involved, served as a foundation for a stewardship group that has since grown through community support, training and additional volunteers.

The goals of the HPSI include:

  1. Protect the quality and quantity of the surface and groundwater resources within the coldwater stream and wetland habitats;
  2. Conserve the biodiversity of Harper Park by restoring and/or enhancing the stream and wetland habitats;
  3. Ensure Harper Park remains a valuable wildlife corridor, which is connected to other components of Peterborough's natural heritage system;
  4. Promote nature-based education, as well as aesthetic and spiritual enjoyment of Harper Park

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Nancy Jackson(non-registered)
Amazing photos of an environmentally important gem in Peterborough's south end.
Thank you so much for sharing your photographs and for giving us a glimpse of the beauty of Harper Park, especially for so many of us that have not explored it first hand.
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